coming soon! RENT THE ALL NEW VANDERHALL, EXCLUSIVELY BY FUN RIDES RENTALS. Date tbd based on availability. 

Photo courtesy of Vanderhall Website. 

Photo courtesy of Vanderhall Website. 

We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Team Mancuso PowerSports North. They are one of several exclusive dealerships in the country selling the ultra-luxurious, vintage looking, modern technology, 3-wheel Motorcycle: The Vanderhall. We have partnered together to give our customers a unique and entertaining experience.

Rent it at Fun Rides Rentals. Love it on the road. Buy it at Team Mancuso North.

Sometimes, the ten minute test drive in this amazing open-air cockpit motorcycle isn’t enough. That’s why together, we give you the opportunity to experience the full enjoyment of what it could be like if you owned one.

Photo from Kyle Richard's public Instagram. 

Photo from Kyle Richard's public Instagram. 

Celebrities like Jay Leno & Kyle Richards have been seeing driving around in a Vanderhall and you can too! Just visit Team Mancuso North in person for a test drive and receive a voucher that pays for your first hour of a four-hour-minimum rental with Fun Rides Rentals (FRR). 

A day with Fun Rides Rentals and The Vanderhall is an exceptional experience for you and your loved one. Super close cockpit. Heated seats. Open air. Adrenaline rush. Unlimited mileage. EZ-Tag? Taken care of. Gas tank? Already full. FOR YOU TO GO ANYWHERE. And… the Vanderhall is fully automatic with a bump-shifter so anyone can take the wheel. With 1.4 cylinders, turbo engine, 180 horsepower and ultra-stable front wheel drive, it is exceptional for maneuvering around corners with the ultra-light rear-wheel.

Is the Vanderhall a little too “vintage” for you? Prefer something more exotic like our classic Slingshots? Your choice. When test driving the Vanderall, you can choose a voucher for either a Vanderhall or a Slingshot rental. Mancuso will take care of your first hour of your four-hour-minimum rental.

Call or e-mail us today to put your name on the waitlist for our Vanderhall Rentals. Be one of the first people in the entire state to drive around in the eye-catching Vanderhall. We are looking to launch our rentals July 1, just in time for the holiday weekend. What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than experiencing the freedom of the open road in an American-made Vanderhall?

Stand out and get noticed in a Vanderhall provided by Fun Rides Rentals and Team Mancuso North. To book your appointment at Mancuso North and to book your complimentary hour at Fun Rides Rentals, click here to visit their website. Email or call us today at 832-510-4678 to get on the Vanderhall waiting list.

Want to see more? Check out the Vanderhall in action on Jay Leno's Garage. 

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